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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:42 pm

This is my first post on the progress and my goal is to make this a weekly thing.

Here are some early screenshots of the game. The tiles used are just temp but the overall feel for what I'm doing for.

This may look pretty basic and boring, but as the player moves around the world the server is streaming the map to them. Locally they are only aware of a small chunk of a massive map on the server so that the game runs very fast for players. I'm pretty proud of this streaming as it works great Smile

I also have the code so players can see other players finished. There is a radius around you (the player) where you will receive network updates of all things around you as you move around.

I also have the start of the buying land on the client. The red transparent tiles indicate you can't buy the land because a land buying rule as broken. The blue means you can purchase said land.

Next Steps
- Create a popup message client side after picking land to buy to confirm land purchase if valid.

- Server side code to change the ownership of the land and take currency out of player for purchase of the land. This also requires some other smaller changes to send to the client. I'm making owner values for the tiles that indicate each tile is other owned by: government, you the player, or some other player. At this point knowing who the other player is won't be the job of the client, but in order to do certain land buy rule checks we need to know it's just owned by another player.

I'll have to work on the image sizes

It all starts here Login1

It all starts here In_game-1

It all starts here Buy-land-in-game-success

It all starts here Buy-land-in-game-failure


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